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Warnings plugin with custom parsers massively slows down jenkins start up


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      Having specified custom parsers in the general jenkins configuration results in a massive slow down of the start up procedure of our jenkins server. Instead of a few seconds the startup takes probably longer than 20 minutes.

      We have attached a visualvm to the JVM running jenkins and found out that the reason for the massive slow down is that the threads loading the jobs on startup are most of the time in the BLOCKED state. A thread dump is attached. All blocked threads basiclaly hang in the compilation of the defined custom parsers using groovy. Strangely, even jobs which use the warnings plugin, but not the custom parsers seem to invoke a compilation of the custom parsers and it also seems the the compiled parsers aren't shared between jobs at all, so each custom parsers is compiled for each job.

            drulli Ulli Hafner
            languitar Johannes Wienke
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