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Do not save config.xml of Maven modules


      Seems that JobConfigHistory.isSaveable assumes any AbstractProject should be saved. This makes sense for a MavenModuleSet but rarely makes sense for a MavenModule. I think you should only save a TopLevelItem (at least by default); otherwise you wind up saving tons of config records for things which users rarely if ever save changes to.

      BTW showing config changes to a Maven module does not even work, though they are recorded:

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: A job with this name could not be found: test:b
      	at hudson.plugins.jobConfigHistory.JobConfigHistoryBaseAction.getConfigXml(JobConfigHistoryBaseAction.java:163)
      	at hudson.plugins.jobConfigHistory.JobConfigHistoryBaseAction.getDiffFile(JobConfigHistoryBaseAction.java:300)
      	at hudson.plugins.jobConfigHistory.JobConfigHistoryBaseAction.getDiffLines(JobConfigHistoryBaseAction.java:316)

      Seems like you fail to use getItemByFullName correctly.

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