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Hudson build fails to sign jars since language on hpi artifact is not java


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      In Maven's JarSignMojo, there is a check before it attempts to sign to verify
      that the artifact's language is java:


      From what I can determine, the signjar commands in
      /hudsontrayapp/client/build.xml are never run.

      The signjar executions in /hudsontrayapp/plugin/pom.xml are executed, but then
      the code in the JarSignMojo will prevent the jars from actually being signed.
      You see the evidence of this if you run mvn with the -X debug flag:

      INFO] [jar:sign

      {execution: sign-jar1}

      [DEBUG] Not executing jar:sign as the project is not a Java module

      [DEBUG] org.jvnet.hudson.plugins.hudsontrayapp:hudsontrayapp:hpi:0.7.3-SNAPSHOT
      (selected for null)
      [DEBUG] active project artifact:
      artifact =
      project: MavenProject:
      org.jvnet.hudson.plugins.hudsontrayapp:client:0.7.3-SNAPSHOT @
      C:\hudson\plugins\hudsontrayapp\client\pom.xml (selected for provided)

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