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Differences in config spec detected when config spec is read from file


      Hello *,

      I'm currently updating jenkins clearcase plugin to version 1.3.14.
      The feature that the config spec can be read from a file is great because it will save me a lot of work.

      Unfortunately it is not working in my configuration.

      The config spec file contains e.g. the following line:
      element /MyVOB/... .../MyBranch/LATEST

      Jenkins is running on a Windows7 machine. The "cleartool catcs" command will print the above line with backslash instead of slash:
      element \MyVOB\... ...\MyBranch\LASTEST

      Jenkins therefore permanently detects changes in the config spec and is building the project although it is not necessary.

      The plugin should be able to deal with \ and /.

      Seems like this problem is not directly related to the "read config spec from file" option.
      The new plugin always detects changes in the config spec, even when I disable this feature.
      Configuration was working with Plugin 1.3.6.
      See attached screenshot for configuration details of 1.3.6.

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