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ShowDiffs omits some configuration changes


      The ShowDiffs page doesn't show config changes depending on their position regarding other changes in the config.xml. If a changed line in the file follows closely after another changed line, only the first changed line is shown, while the second (although being listed on the showDiffs page) appears with the old value.

      To reproduce:

      • Go to configuration page of a project
      • Change the description as well as the number of days to keep old builds (if these values are empty, you have to repeat that step)
      • Go to the ConfigHistory page of the project
      • Click on "Show Diffs"

      The diff will show the new value only for the description, but the old value for the logRotator entry.
      This also works for entries in other parts of the configuration page as long as the changes are close neighbours in the config.xml.

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