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ShelvedProject plugin seems to cause config-ping-pong, i.e. addition and removal of the same content in the xml-config files of jobs


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    • shelve-project-plugin
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    • Jenkins 1.500, Shelve-Project-Plugin 1.3

      I am persisting changes to the Jenkins config in Subversion to have a history of job-configurations available.

      Most Job-Configs periodically get the following lines for the ShelvedProject-plugin added and later on deleted again, thus causing much more SVN commits for the Jenkins config than necessary.

      Either the line should stay or not be added unless there is useful config, but then stay that way until the configuration is actually changed.

      + <configVersion>1</configVersion>
      <de.pellepelster.jenkins.walldisplay.WallDisplayJobProperty plugin="jenkinswalldisplay@0.6.16"/>
      + <org.jvnet.hudson.plugins.shelveproject.ShelveProjectProperty plugin="shelve-project-plugin@1.3"/>
      <scm class="hudson.scm.SubversionSCM" plugin="subversion@1.45">

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