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An intuïtive way to pass a variable/parameter (e.g. multijob build number) to all its downstream jobs.


      The current multijob implementation passes parameters to the specific downstream job builds that are part of it. The master value overwrites the default values of the downstream jobs for that parameters.

      It would be handy if the multijob plugin has an intuïtive way to pass select information to these specific downstream builds.

      This would allow the batch to overwrite a downstream job parameter with a value that is fixed (non-interactive) at the multijob level. Or it would allow to pass the multijob build number as a value with a specific name (e.g. BATCH_NUMBER) chosen by the user.

      The downstream jobs can then check if this value exists, otherwise it will be an unresolvable macro and just stay empty.

      Use case:
      Using the build-name-setter plugin, the downstream build numbers could be set to ${BUILD_NUMBER}${BATCH_NUMBER}, where batch number is either empty (when the downstream job is run on its own) or " - Batch ${BUILD_NUMBER}" (when the variable was set in the upstream multijob project).

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