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Loading Config Spec from file shall be done on slave node


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    • clearcase-plugin
    • Jenkins 1.514 on Win7-64, Slaves on Win7-64, all on JRE 1.7.0_07 64bit
      ClearCase Plugin v 1.3.14.
      Slave nodes on remote locations all around the world accessible via WAN.
      ClearCase MultiSite for remote locations.

      First of all thanks to all working on the ClearCase plugin.
      Due to our company's decision for ClearCase as VCS it's the core plugin for us to be able to set up a scrum-like process using Jenkins.
      However, I'd have a little feature request:
      Currently the "Get config spec from a file" feature seems to be reading the config spec always on the Jenkins Master node.

      I'd hereby request to add an option to execute the config spec (and load rules - if configured) reading from file on the Slave node instead of the master.

      Explanation of why doing it on master can cause problems:
      In our setup we're taking the Jenkins build config spec from ClearCase profile's Rules file. This is for developers to be able to use the identical environment as a "ClearCase Profile" directly for their R&D purposes.
      Now, with our configuration of ClearCase Multisite each location has it's own CC server and thus its own profile path. For example the CC Server name at location X is ccX, at location Y it is ccY. The corresponding UNC paths to config spec files could be \\ccX\CcViewProfiles\Product\Rules and \\ccY\CcViewProfiles\Product\Rules.
      For whatever reasons (I'm currently trying to figure out with our central IT if it really has to be like this) the server ccY, even though in company's VPN WAN compound, is not accessible from location X. So if the master is running at X it won't be able to load the config spec from \\ccY\CcViewProfiles\Product\Rules.

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