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ClearCase polling not effective for MultiSite


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    • clearcase-plugin
    • Jenkins 1.514 on Win7-64, Slaves on Win7-64, all on JRE 1.7.0_07 64bit
      ClearCase Plugin v 1.3.14.
      Slave nodes on remote locations all around the world accessible via WAN.
      ClearCase MultiSite for remote locations.

      I'm not 100% sure but I think currently the polling for VCS changes for the build trigger currently uses a (UTC) date/time reference -since which is the time stamp of the last polling (not the last executed build).

      Unfortunately this seems not compatible with ClearCase MultiSite.

      ClearCase MultiSite does a replication between servers at different locations at fixed intervals (for example once each hour). This means a change a location X will, in worst case, be visible at location Y only after 1 hour. But the time stamp of the change will still be the original one (i.e. when the check-in was actually done, in example a time > 1 hour ago).
      Thus, with the time reference to last poll most of the changes coming in from a remote server will not be considered by VCS polling.

      Example flow (VCS polling done at a H/10 * * * * schedule at location)

      Location Time Action
      X 10:00 Checkin <FILE-1>
      Y 10:04 VCS Poll (-since 9:54). No change seen as no MultiSite Sync was done.
      X 10:07 VCS Poll (-since 9:57). Change <FILE-1> seen. Build at location X triggered.
      X and Y ... Several further VCS polls. No changes detected.
      Y 10:54 VCS Poll (-since 10:44). No change seen as no MultiSite Sync was done.
      X<->Y 10:58 ClearCase MultiSite Replication performed and completed.
      Y 11:04 VCS Poll (-since 10:54). PROBLEM Change of <FILE-1> at 10:00 is now replicated but not seen due to -since 10:54 but the change actually is recorded in ClearCase with time stamp 10:00.

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