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more flexible job filter by parameter


      parameter filter can only filter by StringParameterValue, BooleanParameterValue and FileParameterValue. So we can't filter by custom parameters.

      I can't understand why can't we change ParameterFilter class getStringValue function to something like this:

      protected String getStringValue(ParameterValue value) {
      		if (value instanceof StringParameterValue) {
      			return ((StringParameterValue) value).value;
      		} else if (value instanceof BooleanParameterValue) {
      			boolean bval = ((BooleanParameterValue) value).value;
      			return String.valueOf(bval);
      		} else if (value instanceof FileParameterValue) {
      			// not the full path - just the name
      			// this is the only public value available to us
      			String file = ((FileParameterValue) value).getOriginalFileName();
      			return file;
      		} else {
      			return value.toString();

      mine difference is return value.toString(); not return null;

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