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Null pointer exception when trying to use build-token-root


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    • redhat linux 6, running under tomcat

      I am new to jenkins and trying to test the "trigger build remotely" feature for some of our jobs. Upon further research I found that I need to use this plugin in order to have "Anonymous" kick off the build.

      We are using LDAP authentication via Atlassian crowd for our regular users.

      After installing the plugin I created a simple job that only has an "execute shell" build step that has a simple "echo 'test succesful'" inside it.

      I use the url https://servername.domainname.com/ops-deploy/buildbyToken/build?jobname=joshtest&token=test

      This results in a nullpointer exception. I've verified that the anonymous user has read and build permissions.

      I'm trying to access it via the following manner (the --insecure is to ignore the self signed certificate)

      curl -i --insecure 'https://servername.domainname.com/ops-deploy/buildByToken/build?jobname=joshtest&token=test'

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