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Ivy job type should support fingerprinting of consumed dependencies


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      While the Ivy job type identifies upstream and downstream Job relationships, it does not currently provide full support for Jenkins's way to identify Build relationships... namely fingerprinting.

      The Ivy job type allows one to fingerprint things that have been created by the build, but if the dependencies are not copied into the build workspace there is no way for the user to configure the standard Jenkins fingerprinter to capture the fingerprints that were resolved by the project but used while remaining in the Ivy cache.

      This means that other plugins that rely on fingerprint information to establish a chain of cause and effect between specific builds of specific projects are unable to reliably do so.

      To correctly support this with the Ivy job type it would need to do the following:

      Capture the fingerprints of all dependencies resolved by the build (those fingerprints indicate upstream dependencies)

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