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Parse errors with Git's TAP test suite, part 2




      This is a follow-up to JENKINS-17941, listing any remaining issues I still see with version 1.11 of the plugin. Note that I'm very grateful for the latest changes which have fixed all major issues, so I'm starting to also list rather minor / cosmetic issues here.

      1) On the first succeeding test run, i.e. when there is no previous run to compute a difference to, the "TAP Test Result" text say something like "(129 failures )", i.e. there is a superfluous whitespace after "failures ".

      2) In case of no parse errors like at [1] the anchor text on the "TAP Extended Test Results" page is empty. The source code looks like "<a name="parseErrors"></a> No parse errors found.". For consistency, I think it would still be nice to have the heading in there which is shown if there is a table with parse errors. I.e., I think the source code should look like "<a name="parseErrors"><h3>Parse errors</h3></a> No parse errors found.".

      3) The two links say "TAP Test Result" and "TAP Extended Test Results", but I think both should either use singular ("Result") or plural ("Results").

      4) Clicking on any of the links in the "All (Failed) Tests" table at [2] still results in error 404 for me.

      5) At [3], the title says "629 files 9549 tests, 8968 ok, 129 not ok, 452 skipped, 0 Bail Out!.", but I think just of either the exclamation mark or the dot at the end of the sentence would be enough

      6) If you search for "t7401-submodule-summary.sh" on [3] you'll see that for failed tests the table still contains a lot of code that should not be part of the table. There are more example on that page, just search for "# test_" to find them. Similarly, I think the lines like "# passed all 7 test(s)" should also not be part of the table. But that should come for free if you just strip any commenting lines starting with "#" from the raw TAP output before processing it.

      [1] http://mingwgitdevenv.cloudapp.net/job/mingwGitDevEnv-test/2/
      [2] http://mingwgitdevenv.cloudapp.net/job/mingwGitDevEnv-test/2/tapTestReport/
      [3] http://mingwgitdevenv.cloudapp.net/job/mingwGitDevEnv-test/2/tapResults/?


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