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Jobs randomly stuck with "building remotely on slave-name" message


      Hi folks,

      Last week, I started to experience a weird issue with freezing/endless waiting of building jobs on slave machines. It first started with WinXP 32 bit slave, but I'm now experiencing the same problem also with WinXP 64 bit slave.

      The symptoms are like this...
      The job is started by SCM change or predefined time.
      Both slave machines are correctly started (the last line, in their respective logs, says "Slave successfully connected and online").
      Now the problem is, that the last line in console says "Building remotely on slave-name..." and there is just scrolling the progress circle. Nothing else happens. No GIT or SVN activity, no building, no testing, simply nothing and it stays like that until I kill the job manually.

      Sometimes, the problem happens with just one machine, and the other one runs OK. But today it struck both machines.

      Last week, when the problem started, I tried to update the Jenkins and both slaves with the most recent versions and latest plugins (except the "Git Client Plugin", because of a known issue with building history). Few hours all worked great, then the problem reappeared.

      Please see the attached files with logs and thread dumps from both slave machines.

      What struck me is the high number of threads started on both machines, which looks really weird? But I don't understand Jenkins that deep so I can't say for sure if it's normal or not?

      Any idea what to try or how to solve this behavior?

      Have a nice day,

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