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Parameterized build only takes DEFAULT value


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    • 1.509.2-LTS

      When using Subversion's "list tags" parameter, the default value associated with a "list tags" parameter is the only one taken into account for automatically triggered builds.

      When using the parameter in a subversion repository for the source code, the automatic build (e.g. periodic build) fails when there is no default value defined.

      For example
      Defining VERSION "list tags" parameter without default value
      and using it as "svn+ssh://svn.mycompany.com/repository_root/branches/$VERSION" in the source code makes our automatic build fail!

      The exception from the console log is:

         Location 'svn+ssh://svn.mycompany.com/repository_root/branches/$VERSION' does not exist
         Switching from svn+ssh://svn.mycompany.com/repository_root/branches/1.2.3 to svn+ssh://svn.mycompany.com/repository_root/branches/$VERSION
         Switching to svn+ssh://svn.mycompany.com/repository_root/branches/$VERSION at revision '2013-09-12T01:18:56.750 +0200'
         ERROR: Failed to update svn+ssh://svn.mycompany.com/repository_root/branches/$VERSION

      I expect the plugin to look in all (matching) "tags" and use/build the tag which has the latest changes.

      Although, when I select "Sort newest first" or "Sort Z to A", I expect the first "tag" in the sorted list
      to be checked for changes and used in the automatic triggered build.

      Does anyone have other comments on this issue?

      This is an important issue for us, because we use multiple active branches and we want to build every branch automatically when there are changes!

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