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Links between related jobs don't respect ancestory of the last loaded view


      It appears there is a bug that can be reproduced when using these three inter-related plugins to organize jobs on the Jenkins dashboard. To reproduce this problem do the following:

      1. install the 3 plugins mentioned in the "components" field of this issue
      2. create a new "nested" view, say "v1"
      3. create a sub-view under it, say "v2", of type "sectioned view"
      4. create 2 jobs, say "j1" and "j2", dependent on each other (ie: j1 triggers j2)
      5. Create a new section on your sectioned view that includes these two new jobs.
      6. Now, on the main dashboard, navigate to the root view then click on the "v1" view, then click on the "v2" view, then click on one of the jobs therein, "j1" say
      7. There is a link on this job under "Downstream Projects" to the other job, "j2" in this case. Click that. Notice that the bread-crumbs in the top left corner, which previously included all previously loaded views, no longer contains these entries. You can compare using the back/forward buttons on your browser.
      8. Now, click the corresponding link to job "j1" under the "Upstream Projects" section of "j2". Again you'll see there are no bread crumbs leading back to the view that you used to open the job.

      This is very tedious because if you have a cascading set of views within views, and you are navigating a complex job hierarchy as just described but with many jobs, you end up getting "lost", unable to return to the view you started with. The only recourse is to go back to the main dashboard and re-navigate your way through the views back to the one you started with - which is tedious at best.

      Now, I'm not sure which plugin is causing this bug so I added all 3 related plugins to the defect. However, it is worth noting that if you repeat all of the above steps exactly, but choose a default view (say, "list view") instead of the "sectioned view" in step 3, the problem goes away, which suggests it is a problem with the sectioned view plugin - but that is just a guess.

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