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pass node name(s) as input for slave selection in multi-configuration/matrix job


      We would like to be able to manually select the slave's nodes when manually fireing the job run for a multi-configuration/matrix job.
      When fired by scheduler or event, it will take the defaults nodes.

      The standard job is bad, because we want have one job run and one status (red, green) for all nodes exceution as the multi-configuration/matrix does it, where as nodelabelplugin created a new job run for every node and does not summ up the status in one run.
      Furthermore the multi-configuration/matrix shows in the "master" job run a slave job run for every node the action has been executed, so i can esily see node name + status without the need to hover over icons near the job run entry in the history.
      The nodelabel's from paremter(selection)shall be passed as filter for the multi-configuration/matrix job slave selection, so it selectable by user when job is started.

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