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Allow sorted configuration executions to be able to run concurrently



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    • jenkins 1.533
      matrix-sorter 1.1


      I am in a situation in which I am trying to maximize usage of a common resource, which happens to be CPU time on a pool of machines. Each machine is isolated from the others in this pool, but I am running into an issue where I could better utilize the resource pool as a whole if I could order the configuration executions.

      I see that this plugin will allow for that ordering, but it takes away the ability for multiple configurations to execute at the same time, which I highly rely upon for a high speed of the overall matrix execution.

      Is there any change to have a setting added to allow for concurrent configuration executions to occur? Something along the lines of triggering the executions in a sorted order all at once instead of one at a time would work IMHO. That would allow the common resource pool to pull from the queue (in a FIFO manner I believe) which would be loaded with a sorted list of configurations.




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