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Configurable Encoding for ClearCase plugin


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    • - Red Hat Enterpride Linux 6.4
      - Systemwide OS encoding en_US.UTF8
      - Jenkins ver. 1.535

      1. ClearCase plugin used with UCM mode.
      2. Created a new ClearCase Activity with German umlaut.
      3. Job breaks because it can not find the given ClearCase activity (see attachemend for error log)

      • ClearCase cleartool uses the encoding provided by the ClearCase plugin (ISO88591)
      • The Jenkins Instance although uses the encoding provided by the operating System which is UTF8
      • we have a temporary solution in place and changed the Encoding for the whole Jenkis instance to ISO88591
      • the preferable solution would be that there is a configuration option which allows us to change the encoding only for the plugin to UTF8 so that the encoding for the Jenkins instance itself must not be changed(as this has some other unwanted sideeffects).

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