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Directory browser cannot handle paths contain backslash on Linux



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    • Oracle Java 1.6 update 45
      Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4


      We had a faulty test case that saved screenshots from Selenium tests in a hard-coded location, which happened to be "C:\Screenshots". Unsurprisingly, this didn't work properly when run on our Linux build server. It created a directory called "C:\Screenshots" in the workspace, and then files like "C:\Screenshots\XXX.png" in the workspace directory.

      Obviously, we're fixing our build to not do this. However, Jenkins does not handle this case.

      You can recreate this by running the following commands in a workspace:

      [jenkins@build-master workspace]$ mkdir "C:\Screenshots"
      [jenkins@build-master workspace]$ echo test > "C:\Screenshots\test.txt"

      The output of ls -l will then contain entries like this:

      drwxrwxr-x. 2 jenkins jenkins 4096 Oct 17 14:46 C:\Screenshots
      rw-rw-r-. 1 jenkins jenkins 5 Oct 17 14:46 C:\Screenshots\test.txt

      Attempts to navigate into the folder or view the file through the workspace browser will fail with a 404 error. Additionally, the directory will appear as just Screenshots and the file as test.txt, rather than their full names.

      (Set priority to Trivial, as frankly, I don't expect this situation to come up again).


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