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Start program via ssh in Jenkins and using it in Jenkins build




      Hello people.

      I'm using Jenkins as CI server and I need to run some performance test using Jmeter. I've setup the plugin and configured my workspace and everything works ok, but I have to do some steps manually and I want a bit more of "automation".

      Currently i have some small programs in a remote server. These programs make some specific validations, for instance (just to explain): validates e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc. So, before I run the build in jenkins, I have to manually start the program (file.sh) I want: I have to use putty (or any othe ssh client) to conect to the server and then run, for instance, the command


      And the Jmeter test runs in a correct way, and when the test is done I have to manually "shut down" the program I started. But what I want is trying to start the program I need in Jenkins configuration (not manually outside Jenkins, but in "execute shell" or "execute remote shell using ssh" build step).

      I have tried to start it, but it get stuck, because when Jenkins build finds the command


      the build stops, it waits for the command to finish and then it will continue the other build steps, but obviously, I need this step not to finish until the test is executed.

      Is there a way to achieve this? Thanks




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