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file name encoding broken in zip archives


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    • debian wheezy 7.2 over openvz
      jenkins 1.540 installed from packages

      The encoding of file names in zip archive seems to be broken

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. create a custom job
      1.1. add a script job to create some file name with an accent in it (eacute), e.g. echo "foobar" > accentué.txt
      1.2. add post-build step to archive all **/*
      2. build
      3. go in build details, last success artifacts, the file name is listed correctly.
      4. click the (all files in zip) link. the file listing of the archive has wrong encoding.

      I tried extracting on win7 with explorer, 7zip, on linux with file-roller or unzip. In all cases the problem seems to rely in the encoding used for the zip file names

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