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White screen after submitting job generation


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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • jobgenerator-plugin
    • Server: RHEL 6.0 + Jenkins 1.544 + latest version of Jobgenerator plugin
      Client: Win 7 + Firefox / MSIE

      A white screen of death appears when running the generator job, displaying URL like ${JENKINS_URL}/job/${JOB_NAME}/build?delay=0sec.

      Nevertheless, generation job executes successfully, generated jobs appear / disappear as expected after build, and after refreshing the page Jenkins displays generator job page again.

      All other builds, both parametrized and not-parametrized are triggered as expected, without blank screen.

      Both system log and jenkins.log files display no errors or exceptions:

      Dec 18, 2013 10:11:59 AM org.jenkinsci.plugins.jobgenerator.GeneratorRun$GeneratorImpl doRun
      INFO: Updated configuration of job gen_madre_mio
      Dec 18, 2013 10:11:59 AM hudson.model.Run execute
      INFO: mcs-tools-simple-generator #9 main build action completed: SUCCESS

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