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Getting warning from "Maven HPI" when building job using ant


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      Im getting warnings that belong to "maven hpi" when Iuilding the Mockito java
      project using ant. Scanning through the console log it shows that there should
      only be 10 javac warnings, but the warnings plugin report 17 warnings (7 for
      "Maven HPI plugin").

      Warnings: http://hudson.ramfelt.se/job/Mockito/112/console
      Console: http://hudson.ramfelt.se/job/Mockito/112/warningsResult/

      Ver: Warnings plugin 1.5
      Hudson: 1.223

      Side note, i also noticed that the File (second table) section has two
      StubbingWithThrowablesTest.java entries, my expectation would be that there
      should be one row with StubbingWithThrowablesTest.java and 14 warnings. (New bug
      or related to this one?)

      File ↓ Total
      BasicVerificationInOrderTest.java 1
      DescriptiveMessagesOnMisuseTest.java 1
      NoMoreInteractionsVerificationTest.java 1
      StubbingWithThrowablesTest.java 7
      StubbingWithThrowablesTest.java 7

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