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[Inheritance Plugin] - Not able to build using build button when creating a job by using Inheritance Project together with ownership + project role configuration


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    • Platforms: Linux-64
      Security Realm: LDAP
      Authorization: Role-Based Strategy,
      Plugin: Project-Inheritance, Ownership, Role Strategy
      Browser: firefox

      I plan to manage and assign roles as below attachments (ManageRole.png, AssignRole.png).
      For Global role, Admin is "siclee" and project role has been assigned based on project owner (using ownership plugin).

      The problem is I can delete, configure, cancel JOB "A" (using Inheritance Project) but not able to run/build it under swbuild user (keep prompt me "Access Denied: swbuild is missing the Job/Build permission").
      Note: Only have this issue when I using Inheritance method to create a job.

      Any ideas for this issue? Is configuration or plugin issue?
      Your advices needed.

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          Abhishek Joshi
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          Siang Choon Lee
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          Siang Choon Lee
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          Siang Choon Lee

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