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StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on creating change log after externals changes detected by polling


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    • Jenkins 1.532.1, subversion plugin v2.0

      Our repository contains some directories (such as /trunk/Ivy-Migration/wfComponents/middleTierSupport in the attached logs), that contain external references to other directories in the same repository (src in the directory above is actually a externals reference to "^/trunk/WF.Components/WF.components/middleTierSupport/src". If files in the referenced directory have been changed and the SVN plugin polls for changes it fails with a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException (see jenkins_svn_initial_error.txt) when creating the change log . Triggering the job manually afterwards works, probably because the files have been updated by the previous run before it failed. A subsequent change in "/trunk/WF.Components/WF.components/middleTierSupport/src" causes the plugin to fail again with the same error.

      No workaround available, had to rollback plugin to 1.54.

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