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Triggering a build with a parameterized node label is stuck in Pending - waiting for executors...


      When trying to manually build a Multi-configuration project with parameters the build never gets past the Queue phase. Attempted to create a 2nd project that will trigger the multi-configuration project on a different node from master and same result. If parameters are removed the build will run on all nodes selected without issue.

      Job Config:
      Checked -> Parameterized
      Name: HOST_NAME
      Default Nodes: master
      Possible Nodes: [Selected Nodes]
      Allow multi node selection concurrent builds
      Node eligibility: Ignore Offline Nodes
      Checked -> Execute concurrent builds if necessary

      No Advanced Project Options (Restrict, Quiet, Retry, Blocking, Custom)

      Source Code Management: GIT

      Configuration Matrix
      Slaves ->
      Name: label
      Node/Label: Individual Nodes (Valid Nodes selected)

      Powershell Scripts

      Post Build:
      Editable Email Notification (Default Settings)

      Queue Message:

      #4 (pending—Waiting for next available executor on [Node Name]) [NodeParameterValue: HOST_NAME=[Node Name]

      All the Executors are open and other jobs can be ran on the selected Nodes.

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