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404 Error returned by MetadataChecks on configure pages when jenkins not at server root


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      version metadata-plugin 1.1.0b
      jenkins core v1.556
      apache tomcat 7.0.52
      jenkins acccessible at http://<IP>:8080/jenkins/

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Install clean jenkins
      • Add metadata plugin
      • Login
      • Click Manage Jenkins
      • Click Manage Nodes
      • Click on "master"
      • Click "Configure"
      • Enable metadata
      • Add string metadata item
      • Enter any string in name field
      • Click in value field

      Observed behaviour:

      • Apache 404 error displayed under metadata item

      Expected Result:

      • No errors displayed

      Issue / Suggested Fix:

      • Urls in the jelly files are using paths relative from server root, e.g. "/MetadataChecks/checkName". They should be using one of the Jenkins/Hudson URL variables such as ${rootURL} to obtain the correct address.

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