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Jenkins no longer kills running processes after job fails


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    • Jenkins 1.553 or later on CentOS 6.3 with Oracle Java 7 JDK

      Starting at version 1.553, Jenkins no longer seems to kill running processes after a build failure.

      We have several jobs that start a Tomcat instance and run various end-to-end-tests; if the build fails Jenkins doesn't execute the shutdown scripts and we rely on the process killer to clean up the Tomcat instance.

      This can be duplicated more easily by creating a free-form job and adding two shell scripts, the first that starts a simple command such as "nohup sleep 10000 &" and the second "/bin/false". After the job exits the sleep process is still running. Prior to version 1.553, it would be killed.

      There are no log messages to indicate a problem.

      I can reproduce this on CentOS 6, Red Hat EL 5 and Red Hat EL 4, both with a job running on the local master, and on a slave node. Also tested with both 32-bit and 64-bit Oracle Java 7 JDKs.

      We're using the built-in Winstone container.

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