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System properties that contain a quote will cause a parsing error in the IvyTrigger plugin


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    • Version 0.32 of the plugin

      In the properties file we provide to the trigger, we have property that contains a double quote. Even though this specific property is not used in the Ivy file, the plugin generates an temporary XML file that is not valid because of it.

      For example:

      build.properties contains:

      a.property.name=This is "A" test

      results in:

      [ERROR] - XTrigger exception: java.text.ParseException: failed to load settings from file:/C:/Users/xxxxx/AppData/Local/Temp/file9178016074964912659.tmp: Element type "property" must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>".

      Because the generated file contains:

      <property name="a.property.name" value="This is "A" test"/>

      Characters that are not XML safe will need to be encoded when the file is written out.

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