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Linux master, windows slave causes the sbt plugin to create an incorrect path to java


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    • CentOS 6.4 master, Windows 7 slave

      I have a build job that runs on the windows build slave. I am using the built-in Jenkins JDK installer to install a local 1.7 JDK on the slave. This succeeds.

      However, when sbt tries to run, it errors out because it incorrectly constructs the path to the java executable:

      cmd.exe /C /c:\h2_tritium_ui\tools\hudson.model.JDK\Latest_1.7/bin/java -Dsbt.log.noformat=true -jar c:\manually_installed_tools\sbt\bin\sbt-launch.jar test

      Note the leading forward slash. I figure it is assuming a linux box.

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