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EC2-plugin not spooling up stopped nodes - "still in the queue ... all nodes of label ... are offline"


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    • ec2-plugin
    • Jenkins 1.572, EC2 plugin 1.21, Node Iterator API Plugin 1.5

      The Jenkins EC2 plugin no longer launches stopped nodes. Unfortunately I'm not sure exactly when it stopped working - I wasn't sure that was the issue until later, due to unrelated issues caused by too many nodes spawning and having to be killed.

      If I use Manage Jenkins -> Manage Nodes to start a stopped EC2 node that a build is waiting on manually, the build proceeds.

      Builds succeed when the EC2 plugin spawns a new node for the first time. It's only a problem if the node is stopped for idleness - the plugin doesn't seem to restart it.

      Builds get stuck with output like:

      Triggering bdr_linux ? x64,debian7
      Triggering bdr_linux ? x86,amazonlinux201209
      Triggering bdr_linux ? x86,debian6
      Triggering bdr_linux ? x64,amazonlinux201209
      Configuration bdr_linux ? x86,amazonlinux201209 is still in the queue: Amazon Linux 2012.09 EBS 32-bit  (i-b848fbfa) is offline
      Configuration bdr_linux ? x86,amazonlinux201209 is still in the queue: All nodes of label ?amazonlinux201209&&x86? are offline

      where there's at least one node with that label stopped, ready to start and use.

      There's no sign that any attempt is made to start the node.

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