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On evaluation failure is not being honored


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    • Ubuntu 12.04
      Jenkins official debian package 1.575
      Conditional buildstep plugin 1.3.3

      I'm testing this plugin and the string comparisson I'm doing seems to work fine.

      However I would like to cancel the build if the comparisson doesn't match. It actually cancels the build but it always ends as Success. I've tried the "on evaluation failure" options "falid the build" and "mark the build unstable" but it always ends as success.

      Although the build is actually cancelled I would really need it to be marked as failed so it doesn't cause confussion to the person executing the build.

      This is the text it appears in the output:

      Run condition [Strings match] preventing perform for step [BuilderChain]
      Finished: SUCCESS


            domi Dominik Bartholdi
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