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Conditional build step plugin does not mark build a s unstable


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      Jenkins ver. 1.651.2
      conditional-buildstep 1.3.3

      "Conditional build step-single" shows nice field:
      "On evaluation failure" with options "Fail the build" or mark build as unstable.

      Unfortunatly this is not working.
      Example 1
      Run? = Never
      On evaluation failure = "Mark the build unstable"
      Builder = "Execute windows batch command"
      Command = "echo run builder"

      It should mark all builds as unstable and not run the builder.
      It does not run builder but does not mark build as unstable.

      Example 2 - more reliable
      Run? = Execute Windows batch Command
      Command = which notinpath
      On evaluation failure = "Mark the build unstable"
      Builder = "Execute Windows batch Command"
      Command = echo builder

      notinpath is not in my path, so evaluation should fail - it does.
      Build should be marked as unstable - it is not.
      Echo builder should not be runned - it is not.

      It Shouls mark all builds as unstable - but it does not.

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