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Publish Valgrind results and ClearCase


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    • rhel 6.3 and ClearCase

      The ClearCase version control system works by spawning a subshell in "view context". (This is something like chroot). The correct version of files are not available until a view is set. I.e., the file /path/to/source/main.cpp is different depending on which view i set.

      The "Publish Valgrind results" post-build action does not handle this. Wrong version of the source file seems to be copied as seen by the "[Valgrind] copying source file...] log statements. So when clicking on a memory issue in the results wrong version of the file is presented.

      However, files can also be accessed by their abosolute path in /view/myviewname/path/to/source/main.cpp. So, if the plugin could offer an optional "prefix path" which if set was prepended to the from file in the abovementioned copy i think this would help.

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