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Cannot find user credentials when job is triggered with parameters


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      Given I have a job A
      And job A has Credentials Parameter
      And job A triggers job B sending job A's parameters
      And job B has Credentials Parameter
      And job B uses ssh-agent
      And job B uses Authorize Project plugin
      And job B uses Run as user who triggered the build
      When I build job A
      And choose a credential from logged in user
      Then job B should find the credentials

      The result unfortunately is this:

      Started by upstream project "jobA" build number 4
      originally caused by:
       Started by user Superman
      Running as Superman
      Building in workspace /app/jenkins/jobs/jobB/workspace
      FATAL: [ssh-agent] Could not find specified credentials
      [ssh-agent] Looking for ssh-agent implementation...
      [ssh-agent]   Java/JNR ssh-agent
      [ssh-agent] Started.

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