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JIRA Plugin should expose built JIRAs via Token Macro


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      We like to scoop up a bunch of JIRAs and wrap them up into a release. They are added to the release based on their presence in the branch being built. The JIRA plugin has the ability to update all the JIRAs mentioned in commits. It updates their comments with a build number and other nice details. We would like to take a generated release number, create it in JIRA, add the issues included in this build to that release via fix version. Currently we cannot do that because the only thing the JIRAs have in common is that they were in the code base when they were built. There is no JQL we can run to identify them.

      It would be nice if we could get a list of all the JIRAs built via a Token Macro, they would be separated by a delimiter, the default would be comma. It would also be nice to have another Token Macro that would provide the JQL for those JIRAs in JIRA. Thirdly it would be nice to generate a link to a JQL search for those JIRAs in your JIRA instance.

            warden Radek Antoniuk
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