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Provide a short $JOB_NAME inside a folder


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      We are using $JOB_NAME a lot to automatically create names für ClearCase views in our jobs. This looks like

      ${USER_NAME}${COMPUTERNAME}${JOB_NAME} for the view tag and
      ${JOB_NAME} for the view name.

      Additionaly we ha a small managed script to automatically create a build tag:
      echo %BUILD_TAG% > %CLEARCASE_VIEWPATH%%JOB_NAME%-build.tag

      When a Job is now moved into a folder the JOB-NAME is "foldername/jobname" which is longer and contains a slash causing real pain on windows.

      I don't know if someone is relying on JOB_NAME containing the folder name and the slash, but would it be possible to separate this into two variables like FOLDER_NAME and (SHORT_)JOB_NAME?

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