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text parameter with newlines causing the default goal run


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    • Jenkins 1.583, Windows, Java 7U72

      I have a required build-parameter "build_reason" of type text. Our users can insert some free-text for the build reason.

      If the parameter contains, for example, following input in the text-box:

      "first line
      second line"

      then jenkins calling maven in the following way:

      [testwebapp_svn_commit] $ D:\applications\prg\ApacheMaven\current-maven\bin\mvn.bat -Dbuild_reason_org=first line
      scond line -Dpart_svn_url=trunk/devopts/testprojects validate

      This causes maven to simple run the default goal and ignore all other parameters.
      It seems that the text parameter is not escaped correct.

      This problem does not apply only to maven .. it applies to all builds where such parameter is injected.

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