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Git plugin doesn't parse changelog (false "First time build")


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    • git-plugin
    • Jenkins 1.565.2, 1.580.3
      Git-Client 1.11.0, 1.14.1
      Git plugin 2.2.7, 2.3.4
      SCM-API 0.2

      Both master and slave works on RHEL 6.3 with Java 7u51

      The job is triggered because of SCM change:

      Poll log
      [poll] Last Built Revision: Revision 3281126a340c0e863f12c11a7f9ccd31bceb587a (origin/master)
      [git] $ sh -e /DATA/jenkins/app-data/tools/git/hudson598255919908413882.sh
       > git ls-remote -h [CENSURED] master # timeout=10
      [poll] Latest remote head revision is: e72acfe796b818f51ba549991a8f1876657d8986
      Done. Took 0.32 sec
      Changes found

      But in the run git log we see that it skips changelog becuase of "First time build" -falsely:

      Run log
      16:27:52  > /usr/bin/git checkout -f e72acfe796b818f51ba549991a8f1876657d8986
      16:27:55  > /usr/bin/git rev-list 3281126a340c0e863f12c11a7f9ccd31bceb587a # timeout=10
      16:27:55 First time build. Skipping changelog.

      Looking at the current code of Git Plugin I see there's some kind of condition on "exclusion" but I've yet understood what sets it:

      from GitSCM.java
        private void computeChangeLog(GitClient git, Revision revToBuild, TaskListener listener, BuildData previousBuildData, FilePath changelogFile, BuildChooserContext context) throws IOException, InterruptedException {
              Writer out = new OutputStreamWriter(changelogFile.write(),"UTF-8");
              boolean executed = false;
              ChangelogCommand changelog = git.changelog();
              try {
                  boolean exclusion = false;
                  ChangelogToBranch changelogToBranch = getExtensions().get(ChangelogToBranch.class);
                  if (changelogToBranch != null) {
                      listener.getLogger().println("Using 'Changelog to branch' strategy.");
                      exclusion = true;
                  } else {
                      for (Branch b : revToBuild.getBranches()) {
                          Build lastRevWas = getBuildChooser().prevBuildForChangelog(b.getName(), previousBuildData, git, context);
                          if (lastRevWas != null && git.isCommitInRepo(lastRevWas.getSHA1())) {
                              exclusion = true;
                  if (!exclusion) {
                      // this is the first time we are building this branch, so there's no base line to compare against.
                      // if we force the changelog, it'll contain all the changes in the repo, which is not what we want.
                      listener.getLogger().println("First time build. Skipping changelog.");
                  } else {
                      executed = true;
              } catch (GitException ge) {
                  ge.printStackTrace(listener.error("Unable to retrieve changeset"));
              } finally {
                  if (!executed) changelog.abort();

      I might take the task to fix it on my own - but maybe for some of you it may be obvious...

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