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Wrong revision used for upstream integration


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    • Jenkins: 1.565.3
      Subversion Plug-in: 2.4.5
      svnmerge plugin: 2.3

      The "Integrate Branch" action is selectable per run. Let's say I have two runs, #2 @57 and #1 @45. You can select a previous run, not necessarily the latest/@HEAD.

      If I select #1, and then click "Integrate Branch" action, the message that is displayed before "Integrate this build to upstream" button is clicked shows correct SVN revision of run #1 @45.

      However when the plugin operates, it does not merge from revision of #1 as selected. Instead, it merges to upstream from HEAD of branch.

      Here is my log. As you can see, I tried to integrate @45, as evident from message, however the plugin operated on @57:

      This will merge http://svn/branches/feature (rev.45) to trunk-build
      Last Failure
      Switching to the upstream (http://svn/trunk)
      U         New Text Document.txt
       U        .
      At revision 57
      Merging http://svn/branches/feature (rev.57) to the upstream
      C         New Text Document.txt
       U        .
      Found conflict with the upstream. Reverting this failed merge
      Switching back to the branch (http://svn/branches/feature@57)
      U         New Text Document.txt
       U        .
      At revision 57
      Conflict found. Please sync with the upstream to resolve this error.

      If the plugin always integrates from @HEAD of branch, then the "Integrate Branch" action should be moved from per-run-level to job-level, and the message should be fixed

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