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Conditional Build Step - Add support for else clause


      It would be nice if the conditional build step allowed for an else block.

      I don't necessarily want support for nesting those blocks, but in the case of boolean conditions, it makes a lot of sense to create an:
      if {

      } else {

      construct in the job.

      I realize I could make two conflicting (if equals and then if not equals) but having the two blocks makes much more sense.

      Especially when users have multi-step builds. For example:

      Multi-Step build:
      1) make clean
      2) if($PROFILING)

      { make -PROFILING=TRUE }

      2) else

      {make -PROFILING=FALSE }

      3) make install
      4) if ($GENERATE_DOCS)

      { ./generateDocs }

      5) `some final step`

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