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Input step should permit cancellation from anyone with build abort permission


      Given I am Jenkins administrator when I create a job like the following:

      node {
        echo "test"
        input id: 'Edebd25a79a1ac52da788eba9a7fcc3a', message: 'hey!', ok: 'yo', submitter: 'foobar' parameters: []

      ... I'm not able to answer the question it asks as I get an error saying "You need to be foobar to submit this" and I'm unable to stop/kill the job (it just doesn't work).

      Probably there should be special permission for admins to stop such jobs and/or the plugin should check if the submitter is a real person when saving/running the job.

      I'm using Jenkins ver. 1.596 and workflow plugin v1.1

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