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Build history text field wrap fails when containing markup


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    • Jenkins 1.596 with description-setter plugin 1.9 (and other plugins, including build-name-setter )

      Upgrading from 1.578 to 1.596, I find that all the links I have in the build descriptions don't work in the build history (they do work on the build's main page).

      I use the description-setter to set discriptions like:
      <a href="${JOB_URL}../compiler=vc12/${BUILD_NUMBER}/console">win console</a>
      to link directly to the console form each job. (And 3 more links, to the build results and then the same for the mac build of this Multi-configuration project). These links still show as links on job/myjob/xx/ but only the text shows in the build history 'sidebar'. I add these links mostly for use from the sidebar (to save clicks and page load time when going to the console and build artefacts for a specific build).

      Looking through the Jenkins Changelog, I'm guessing this may be the result of the change in 1.593 (or maybe issue 16184?). The plugin itself did not change. I'm not sure if this change was intentional or not, at least nothing in the changelog seems to indicate it was.

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