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env-vars.html BUILD_ID documentation is incorrect


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    • Jenkins ver. 1.598

      JENKINS-24380 changed the build id to be just the number. This makes the $BUILD_ID the same as $BUILD_NUMBER, but when I click on the "See the list of available environment variables" link under the "command" (in the "Execute Shell" build step) it loads a page called "/env-vars.html/", which still says $BUILD_ID is a date.

      This should be fixed. And possibly either $BUILD_ID or $BUILD_NUMBER should be obsoleted, since they are identical now. Or the docs should let me know why I should use one or the other.

      Also, is there a new env. variable for the date? (I only noticed all this after the new $BUILD_ID format caused bugs in my other scripts which were expecting a date).

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