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Performance graph does not appear if the slave node is offline


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    • Jenkins v1.565.3
      performance-plugin v1.13

      We have a nightly Jenkins job that uses a slave to run JMeter and publish the results using the performance plugin.

      The slave that we use is a VM and is reset every night.
      In the Jenkins configuration for the node:

      Availability: 'Take this slave on-line when in demand and off-line when idle'
      In demand delay: 1 (minute)
      Idle delay: 60 (minutes)

      It is observed that when the job is completed the graph is shown (as expected). However, after the idle delay is elapsed, the slave is disconnected and goes offline and the performance graph disappears.

      Only by bring the node online again will the graph be available.

      I am not sure if this is a unique problem that affect all plugins. Could something be done to 'cache' the information on the server, similar to how the artifact, trends, etc are available even if the slave is offline?

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