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Define Upstream Repository Failing


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    • Jenkins 1.585
      Maven Repository Server Plugin 1.2

      Environment Script Plugin 1.2
      Token Macro Plugin 1.10
      Maven Integration plugin 2.8

      When using the "Define Upstream Maven Repository" option, it is logged that the environmental variable has been updated, but using 'export' from a shell shows no content.

      Setting environment Jenkins.Repository = http://[omitted]:8080/plugin/repository/project/upstream-project/Build/241/repository
      [test-maven-upstream] $ /bin/bash -xe /tmp/hudson217359982684183620.sh
      + export
      declare -x JOB_NAME="test-maven-upstream"
      declare -x JOB_URL="http://[omitted]:8080/job/test-maven-upstream/"
      declare -x Jenkins.Repository
      declare -x KDEDIRS="/usr"

      This fails with both setting the URL directly or using the UI selection.

      You can work around this problem using the Environment Script Plugin and setting the URL explicitly.

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