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PublishOverSSHPlugin stops at 130MB on MacOS


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    • Jenkins ver. 1.562
      Publish Over SSH 1.12

      In Jenkins test project i have in Execute shell:

      dd if=/dev/urandom of=ios_512MB bs=531628032 count=1

      and i have checked and configured Send files or execute commands over SSH after the build runs

      When i run it i see:

      Started by user X
      Building remotely on ios in workspace /data/workspace/test
      [test] $ /bin/sh -xe /var/folders/9b/s86tztx90bb9c_73gtynfzx80000gn/T/hudson8582983867531973712.sh
      + dd if=/dev/urandom of=ios_512MB bs=531628032 count=1

      1+0 records in
      1+0 records out
      531628032 bytes transferred in 44.384345 secs (11977828 bytes/sec)
      SSH: Connecting from host [jenkins2.local]
      SSH: Connecting with configuration [jenkins.builds] ...

      I see on Network traffic this connection, and its stops. On sftp i have:

      ls -lh
      rw------ 1 10048 10047 130M Apr 16 09:56 ios_512MB

      On windows/ubuntu all works well. How to fix it?

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