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Link to log of failed step


      When a flow involves many steps, long logs, and/or many branches, it can be hard for a developer receiving a failure email (for example) to quickly see what part of the build actually failed and why. I think it would be useful for the catchError step to do a DFS search on the Throwable and its cause chain through the FlowNode graph starting at the end of the catch step, looking for ErrorAction, and setting/appending an environment variable with the URL of the LogAction. Or provide a new step to do the same. Thus you could write

      def runStuff(param) {
      try {
        parallel a: {runStuff 'a'}, b: {runStuff 'b'}
      } catch (e) {
        mail to: '...', subject: 'Failure!', body: "Build failed: ${errorUrl(e)}"

      and get a link to http://jenkins/job/myflow/123/flowGraph/77/console or the like, according to the actual step in one of the branches that threw the error.

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