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Allow to reject specific configurations via REST and CLI


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    • Jenkins >= 1.545

      Plugins could reject configurations via REST and CLI in Jenkins < 1.545 by throwing exceptions in readResolve.
      Authorize Project plugin performs authentications with this behavior.

      Jenkins 1.545 suppresses exceptions in readResolve in JENKINS-21024 (also backported to Jenkins 1.532.3).
      This results that throwing exceptions in readResolve prevents reading configurations into memories via REST / CLI but cannot prevents saving them to the disk.
      Authorize-project doesn't perform authentications when Jenkins reads configurations from the disk and allows bypassing authentications.

      Jenkins 1.551 introduced XStream2#addCriticalField in SECURITY-107 (also backported to Jenkins 1.532.2) which triggers critical errors by exceptions in readResolve but only applied to system configurations, not applied project configurations via REST / CLI. (Exceptions are suppressed in CopyOnWriteList)

      Jenkins should provides a way for plugins to reject configurations via REST / CLI.

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